To install Subversion server and set authentication by password:

  1. Download the installation file of CollabNet Subversion Server from the official Web site
  2. Run the file and install the server. For more details see Subversion 1.8.13 + Apache Server (Windows 32-bit) and Apache Server for Subversion 1.8.13 (Linux x86_64) documents. It is not recommended to unset the Install svnserve to run as Windows service flag during the installation process (for the Windows service installation).
  3. Run the shell, then go to the directory where the CollabNet Subversion Server is installed (for Windows OS the default directory is C:\Program Files\CollabNet\Subversion Server).
  4. Run the svnadmin create command and specify the path that has been set in the Repository Path parameter during the CollabNet Subversion Server installation. For example, the svnadmin create C:\radinsk_repository command creates the repository structure in the C:\radinsk_repository directory (for the Windows OS). For the Linux OS the same command looks as follows: svnadmin create /home/nataly/radinsk_repository. After executing this command the repository URL should look like follows: svn://localhost/.
  5. Edit the SVN configuration files located in the conf subdirectory of the created repository (for example, C:\radinsk_repository\conf):
    • in the svnserve.conf file, uncomment the anon-access, auth-access, password-db, realm parameters and define them as follows:
      anon-access = read
      auth-access = write
      password-db = passwd
      realm = Radinsk Repository (or any other repository, this name will be required when authorizing on the Subversion server.)
    • in the passwd file, add a user creation line in the following format: <user login> = user password (for example, admin = admin)
  6. Edit the Apache HTTP Server configuration file (in Windows OS its located in the C:\Program Files\CollabNet\Subversion Server\httpd\conf\httpd.conf) as follows:
    <Location /svn>
    DAV svn
    # In Windows OS
    SVNPath C:\radinsk_repository
    # In Linux OS
    # SVNPath /home/nataly/radinsk_repository
  7. Restart the CSVNsvnserve service from the command line by using the following commands:
    net stop CSVNsvnserve
    net start CSVNsvnserve
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